Grow your strategic area faster with external expertise

Our full-stack technology, data experts, and UI/UX designers accelerate your growth

SeizeBit provides digital technology services to assist companies in solving problems and creating customer value.
Our team of full-time consultants in data, technology, and design employ modern tools and programming languages to aid companies in their growth and building a better future.

Data experts

We help clients to identify data sources, clean it and pull actionable data for different industries from SaaS companies, e-commerce to manufacturing and tech stars! We help business make data at the core of thieir business

Full-stack tech developers and design

Our full-stack developers and product design services help businesses stay ahead by providing innovative solutions to incorporate the latest trends for long-term growth and success.

Critical data

Whether your company has the ambition to expand its current team or needs help with customized improvements, we are here to assist you to succeed

What do you want to achieve
with your product and strategy?


Building your product?

Decrease faster to market development and get the best partners for you to succeed with your product or market launch

  • Customer oriented developers
  • Offer recommended data engineering languanges: SQL, Python
  • Experts in data - enrichment, cleaning, and data warehouse
  • Customer or Product Analysis, NLP, Computer Vision,
  • UX/ UI services
  • AI/ Machine Learning- Pytorch, Tensorflow
  • Cyber security

Use our data expertise

Weather you build your data engineering and tech stack to enhance your product or business analysis you can rest assured that we will find a way to help you move forward and extracting the insights your need

  • Connect multiple sources of data direct from clients or remotely
  • Visualizing historical data
  • Make user friendly products by applying A/B analysis
  • Build Machine learning tools, Sentiment Analysis and much more
  • Create an ETL process from all your data sources and prepare material for decision making
  • Develop custom future-proof and secure solutions

Make smarter decisions?

Optimize your customer experience and company resources be stay at frontline from data storage to analysis

  • Product improvement
  • Website and customer behavior analyis
  • Undertake complex calculations
  • Health-check
  • Improve your ETL process or SaaS software
  • Ensure you don't miss out on trends and opportunities

20 +

Programming tech


100 +

Multiple solutions available


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Happy customers


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Whether you have long term assignment or a short one please get in touch


On demand consultants in Stockholm, Sweden and Remote

We attrace diverse and talented professionals who work with, data engineering, data science, data analysis and even full-stack development.


Create data and make the most of it

To be able to analyze data you need to acquire it


BAaaS (Business Analysis as a Service)


Digital transformation & Product Development


Everything you need
to build your product or make decisions.


Cyber security and incident analysis

Analyze your vulnerabilities and solve critical situations


Visualizing Data

Create custom data visualizations from all type of sources and prepare for decision making based on acquired insights


Full-stack development

Should you need a complete product this can be developed on demand


Custom talent request

Solve difficult problems with the help of best competences

How does SeizeBit work?

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Customer Contact

Customer contacts us and explains their data and business needs to facilitate their growth.

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Business Needs

We identify the needs in a deparment or on a organizational level

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Match with the right resources

We provide specialized competencies based on your needs who work with you to strenghen your capabilities

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Continous evaluation

We care about customer satisfaction and want to make sure customer is always happy


A trusted, proven leader in the field of data.

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    On-site and remote consultants

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    Specialized software developers, data engineers, data scientists, data analysts

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    Cloud services for clients

  • client-img

    Making the most of Business Intelligence (BI) or data assets


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