About Us

Our vision is to empower organizations with new digital technology and data science

As a company we aim to be a good citizen who creates value for society, customers and create opportunities for development for all ages. We are guided by our company values:

  • Customer centricity
  • Curiosity
  • Enthusiasm
  • Fairness

    What can you expect from our consultants?

  • Our consultants provide expertise for your company on project or long term basis.
  • On-site and remote consultants with specialization in data engineering, data science or custom software engineering
  • Develop new software and tools from scratch with open-source technology or langugages or embrace no-code tool
  • Experts in data visualization, advanced analysis and story telling
Easy to Work With

Both our consultants and the solutions we offer are easy to work with


We provide a number of products and services connected to data, databases, CI/CD or web development

Curious and customer focused team

SeizeBit have a comprehensive understanding of business needs and the complexities of today’s market


SeizeBit Company History



Founded in 2021 in Sweden, our aim is to motivate companies and organizations to continue adopt new digital technology and data science journey. SeizeBit helps companies with data engineering, data analytics and software development external resources for any stage in their digital journey. We always are interested to speak with companies who want to take a step further and build custom products