A data visualization creates a story in the form of graphs using numbers and comments.

Data visualization is usually associated with dashboards, created to meet the needs of a target specific group or department. This is why it is valuable to cooperate with experts in procurement, supply planning and supply chain to help develop a story that you want to convey effectively and get the most impact on.

In a company’s data journey it is crucial for users to understand the struggle of IT personnel to set-up and maintain an effective data visualization solution.

SeizeBit can help your organization connect their data to a cloud-based dashboard and get them started on their own data journey.

We offer a unique Data Service that includes, data visualization tools, alerts and notifications.

Additionally, SeizeBit offers Sales and Cashflow Forecasting, Procurement and Supply Planning Consulting,

Data visualization and dashboards

The next 4 tips will help you organize your dashboards to get the most from your data visualization:

1. Target audience

Decide on the user group and the story you want to share. It the dashboard for C-suite, operational or tactical. Give a context to the visualization.

2. Do not overuse colors

Using 2-3 color is more than enough for your dashboard. Avoid more than one bright color.

3. Keep it simple

The purpose of the dashboards is to help users understand complex data with simple visualizations. Beauty lies in simplicity.

4. Limit number of visualizations

Use max 4-6 visualizations in dashboard since it is more than enough to prepare the users understand the trends, history or to prepare the background for a decision.

Whether you are collaborating with line or business managers, SeizeBit can help your business be more effective with your data analysis.

We provide services in: Procurement & Supply Planning Consulting, Cloud Hosting, BAaaS (Business Analysis as a Service), Business Intelligence (BI) system implementation.

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