Most of the high performing tech stars have embraced fast development, experimentation and low-cost pivot which can be implemented by adopting Python and SQL tech stack for your back-end. Companies such as Airbnb, Netflix or Spotify have focused on developing excellence in these areas rather than early deep diving in discussions about them. 

When can not deny the fact that there are some languages which aim to overcome some of the shortcomings of the above, such as Scala, or C++. But the investment required to do such a step needs to be correlated with the value this needs to bring. 

The debate between quick experimentation or time-consuming and more sophisticated methods will be still relevant and completely related to the use case and the problem it is supposed to solve. All the decisions about the tech stack have trade-offs.

A suggestion for discussion with your board would be:

1. What is the roadmap of the problems we are trying to solve in 2022? Alternatively, how do I want to bring value to the customers based on the feedback I got?
2. What is the timeline for the solutions proposed and PoC?
3. What resources do we have internally and what resources can be hired externally?
4. Make the decision on the above with the help of an advisor.


Good luck!

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