Are you making time for data development?
Use the experience of our developers and analysts to leverage and create future proof data driven organization

Compelling visuals can transform raw organizational data into an impactful story.

Visualization creates presentable, actionable business insights from raw organizational data. This dashboard however needs to be supported by a robust Data Warehouse mainly an SQL one. Here comes in play data quality is a crucial factor for success of such projects

Data Visualization

SeizeBit connects, prepares and visualizes your data into a form that tansforms your insights.

Data Warehouse development

Migrating and leveraging your data potential

ETL process

We use well established programming languages to extract the data and transform in the data warehouses

BAaaS Model

A Business Analysis model that can be accessed remotely in the cloud, or on-premise.


Data Journey

In today’s e-commerce marketplace if you fail to track and react to buyer behavior you’ll miss the market dynamics, which could lead to an impact on business performance.

Connection with your planning system and ERP

Our engineers will test and connect the dashboard with your planning system and database.

Customer, sales, production Data Analytics

We will help you decide what you need to measure and collaborate with your team.

KPI Notifications

We can develop notifications for critical events across the sales or supply cycles.

Business Health Check

We deliver valuable data that can be used to flag opportunities, issues, understand trends and make better decisions.

Business managers are often overwhelmed with too much data, not able to understand it or gain insights because of a lack of skilled resources. With so much data coming in from so many different sources decision-making slows down, to the detriment of the business.

Single Source of Data Insights

Our vision is to bring key data to the surface as a single source of truth. We can then make a difference to experienced professionals, when the same data insights are available to business and line managers.

Working Together

We work in collaboration to develop recommendations for line management and executives. Applicable for retail and manufacturing entities.

Use Cases

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